Apr. 30th, 2020 11:35 pm
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If you need to contact me, please feel free to comment here or PM this account.

If you'd like to talk/chat/RP/smut in real time, my RP AIM is lilgrayunicorn. Please don't hesitate to IM me though let me know who you are quickly! I've been getting lots of spam IMs lately and I'm not very nice to them >_>

Complete Pup Table


Apr. 30th, 2020 04:44 pm
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Cliche- Major Evan Lorne ([ profile] rockscientist) uses one bad pick up line and Carson will never stop teasing him about his doctor fetish.

Ancient Device- Dr. Daniel Jackson ([ profile] dr_dmjacksonsg1 touched an Ancient device that made him seek out and seduce he or she who could be his soul mate. The unknowing mate? Dr. Carson Beckett.

The Countess- The IOA is slowly becoming more and more international and representatives from many nations are being allowed to visit Atlantis. One diplomat ([ profile] hetappedit) has been seen spending quite a bit of time in the company of Atlantis' CMO.

Multi-Dimensional Doctor- This is a very general verse but since Carson seems to get tagged by many normal pups for medical purposes, I've decided he gets a general verse. Carson, being the empathetic guy that he is, wants to help wherever he can, so using an Ancient device, he's set up a multi-dimensional clinic. It's how he's helped 16th century pirates and school kids from Lima. Ancient technology may or may not be used. (included regulars are [ profile] zizes_schmizes & [ profile] speaks_chipmunk)

If you'd like a verse with the good doctor, whether spanning from a thread on SWS, SSWS or otherwise, please let me know! These are my most current. Also, these are the people you would need to talk to to join a verse already in progress.


Request for Stargate: Atlantis verse, going AU in Season Three and involving a character introduced in Season Four
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